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Black Coffee

Lonely Only Tiger On The Moon

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It's Raining In My Dreams

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Planet Waltz - New Song 2019

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Planetary - New Song 2017

Slow Night Train To Freedom - New Song 2017

Make America Great Again - New Song 2017

This Is California (feat. Vladimir Spiridonov) - Live 2017

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Love & Forgiveness - NEW 2015 ALBUM PRELISTENING

Hey Benny - Online concert at - Mar. 23rd 2014

Videos 2013

Take It Easy - Plauen - Malzhaus - Apr. 6th 2013

Will you go to Berlin with me - Jena - Friedenskirche - Apr. 11th 2013

Desperate for a Friend (Song for the Dying of Aids)

Pancho & Lefty - Dresden - Dreikönigskirche - Apr. 7th 2013

Tune for Vishnu - Dresden - Dreikönigskirche - Apr. 7th 2013

In the Hindu Trilogy, Vishnu is so very Loving and Kind and Benign and Benevolent...and a Great Healer and Great Lover...and He is our dear friend, and yours too...

Hendrikes Ford Fiesta - Plauen - Malzhaus - Apr. 6th 2013

This is a song I wrote one night in the kitchen of Sebastian Linke's home. It is a combination of thoughts about two ladies I know named "Hendrike". Both seem very powerful to me. One drives a Ford Fiesta, and I admire them both.

Videos 2012

Riding around the World - Halle - Objekt 5 - Feb. 22nd 2012

A western song from the viewpoint of a saloon pianist and storyteller.

Painting Smiles On Old Clowns - Northeim - Deutsches Haus - Mar. 11th 2012

I wrote this song in Germany , when I was on TOUR , while driving to France with my friend Manfried Fleckenstein. I saw Johnny Cash and George Harrison, I saw them in a dream they were waving from heaven. Also there was a guy with extremely long hair all the way to his shoes, I had a great time in France with Manny and Didi B. his accordian playing, and with Dave Goodman. Manny is a great friend and a great soul . I remember we some great meals, and I keep memories in songs. Davy 

The Pirate Song - Dresden - Dreikönigskirche - Mar. 04th 2012

That's Why I Preach The Blues - Dresden - Dreikönigskirche - Mar. 04th 2012

This song came about from the prayers of Eric Burdon and B.B.King and Warren Haynes, and everyone saying "God Bless David Munyon" and I THANK YOU. I BLESS YOU ALL. I look forward to seeing you on Tour. all the best  "Davy" David Munyon . Thanks ever so much. I love you all, Thanks. 

Chinatown - Dresden - Dreikönigskirche - Mar. 4th 2012

A song about a guy , making a decision to go to a 12 step meeting in Chinatown , in San Francisco, and needing a hair cut. I enjoy singing this song. Davy

Midwest - Official Music Video

This is a nice thing, and with all this help from everyone , thank you. Davy

Civil War Song #79 - Halle - Objekt 5 - Feb 22nd 2012