Song for Bastian Hess


(David Munyon / S.P. Standley & Jonatan, Wolfgang and Bianca Hess)


This song is for our friends Wolfgang Hess and Bianca and their son Bastian Hess, the brother of Jonatan Hess.



I awake in this world

Of hate of races

And people running wild, everywhere

I feel the love in your touch

Ah you touched my hand

This October Day, this October Day


I love Rock n' Roll

An' I love my mother's breasts

I am sleepy now

Just from the caress

I see smoke, and rain

And I see fires burning

Ah Bastian, what are you dreaming


You are the child

From teenage dreams

Two letters wrote, that no ones ever seen

No one's ever seen

I feel the love from your touch

Ah you touched my hands

This November Day, this November Day


David Munyon: vocal, guitar

Chris Jones: guitar

Martin Huch: pedal-steel

Hans-Jörg Maucksch: bass