Walking in the storm

Appeared on Some Songs for Mary

(David Munyon)


The lightning came like jet planes

Silent and very fast

Shooks several sleeping souls here

And stole a couple hats

It came from a million billion thoughts

And angry disgruntled hearts

It tore apart my roof some

And burnt up half of my Art


Days will come and nights are long

Some drink alot, some sing some songs

And car repair is like a iron art form

I miss my Doberman Pinscher

I hope he has fresh water

I'm in the seams I do have hope

Walking in the storm


The beauty of a womans hips

Can stop a foolish war

The ladders are lined up

And lessons become chores

And tanks and guns are melted down

In furnices and caves

And the metal that is heavy

Is carried to the bay


- Chorus -


And ships were built from this metal

It took a couple years

And babys were born and poems were wrote

And soon the horizon warmed

And a thousand seagoing vessels

Appeared like a wonderful wave

And the people from the remaining nations

Decided to give each other a break


- Chorus -


David Munyon: Vocals, Guitar

BJ Cole: Peadal Steel Guitar

Graham Wright: Fretless Bass

Stewart Curtis: Flute

Dagmar Wirtz: Backing Vocals

Paul Manzi: Backing Vocals

Mick Hutchings: Keyboards