Somewhat delayed deja-vu

Appeared on Slim Possibilities


(David Munyon/S.P. Standley)

You got me.


Kentucky's dreaming

down a thousand miles of memory

in a single hour

she repeats the same thing she did the life before

or long ago, or an hour ago she glides on

in assurance that the life she leads though boring

doesn't mean a thing to those

who don't know the scoring

when dawn hits, it's me and you

and somewhat delayed deja-vu


Kentucky's dancing

down a hundred nights of heartache

in Connecticut

In Connecticut there's always room for openess

with a fire place and two hearts that race right on

sing the subway wall in graphic tile grafitti

it's a shame that no one takes any time to read it

when night comes, it's me and you

and somewhat delayed deja-vu


Sing about your hearts in love experience

call her Wanda, call her what you will

sing about your heroes and coincidence

try to find a southern whiporwill


Kentucky's praying

for a million souls in Anchorage, Alaska

in Anchorage there's precious gold

that's frozen there, frozen there

she really cares on and on

we gather what we can

in cans and trash cans

and what we could we don't

because we just can't

but, what gets you thoughis me and you

and somewhat delayed deja-vu


Kentucky's crying


David Munyon: vocal, guitar

Frank Fiedler: acoustic bass

Hrolfur Vagnsson: accordion