The Ballad of the Anita Fernando

Appeared on Waterside and Purple Cadillacs

Words and music by David Munyon, S.P. Standley


This song is for all the Mexican Americans who have ever walked to America to find a job. A song for all the vegetable- and fruit pickers, for all the migrant workers. Anita and her husband Fernando were these kind of hardworking, nice, great people. They owned an old Chevrolet and called it "the Anita Fernando". I met them in New York in 1991. It is quite a struggle to walk and drive and go from South Mexico to New York, just to pick apples, and then drive and walk to Florida to pick oranges. These people do this - very year.



Where were you

When they're walking dodging federals

Where were you

When their hands were sticky with mud

Where's your salad, your tomatoes,

Your corn and your cabbage

Don't forget to say a blessing,

Don't you wonder how it goes



Yah-Tee-Wah Okachobie

We're drinkin' Coca Colas

That's all we can afford but there's gas in the car

Mother Mary, Mother Mary

Please bless and protect us

Roll on Anita Fernando


They're running the borders

From Juarez to Brownsville

They're walking from Dallas to Sepulveda Boulevard

They're bending, they're picking,

Backs pleading for aspirin

We're tossing leftovers in dumps, overflowing




Instrumental with "free immigration feel" - with blues


There's ham for the big boss and taters on the table

There's grins for the big boss and the payroll banditos

Little souls go to heaven, their suffering is over

Little souls dream of Baseball and being senators sons