Bright to Brighter

Appeared on Purple Cadillacs

Words and music by David Munyon


This is a soul-growing kind of song - one goes from bright to brighter as one develops asking daily for Gods will by saying the Lord's Prayer, The Vater Unser



Jonas awakes in the morning and the cream is in the cup

Jonas makes a long journey

And the drink almost cut him all up He stumbled into a valley

Where the healing started to really take

His mother smiled, she saw the demons leaving

As grace lit up her babys face


Bright soul, bright to brighter

One day at a time

Bright soul, hear the laughter now

It's good and clean and fine

Good man, getting better, your example speaks for miles

Bright soul, getting brighter

Working now like a hamster, with a way out

Nothing like a miracle can make a soul shout

Bright soul, getting brighter

Bright soul


Amalee is a great movie I like the shoes that she wears

So many souls hope that God notices

And I'm sure HE cares

Gentle mist on my windshield

Just to clean the view

Just when things get to groovin'

HE sends a rainbow and some new tunes


Bright soul, Getting brighter