Various Hairs

Appeared on Too Cool

I was on a road in a new England Town
And the leaves on the trees were colourful brown
I was driving slowly for safety's sake
I was talkin' on my cellular phone you know

Can you hear me from here
These are the wonderful years
We're clean to our genes though lustin'
You can forget the past we all love your songs
But we don't know how to contact you

We heard a lot of sounds in our various years
And some of us have some various hairs
Some of us are married and some divorced
Surely, we just have to tell you
Surely, we love you
Surely, we adore you
Surely, surely

Keevil's on a boat near an island in Greece
He was trying to call but couldn't you see
Said he'd developed as much as develop he would
And was talking of the day or something

- Chorus -

Life is just a series of ups and downs
And we ain't what songs so desire
In this moment of time from all this input
We are still catching hell from James Cook
I guess it takes what it took

- Chorus -

Write your songs, write your songs, write your songs
Surely, surely, Surely, surely, Surely, surely,