Shiva's Smile

appeared on Poet Wind

(S.P. Standley / David Munyon)


Watching this old movie
Movie memories
Standing on this sidewalk
In a wonderful city
Laughing at the full moon
Chalking up some miles
Waiting for Shiva's smile


Will the joy be on time
To chase away the shame
How does a cloud move so fast
Holding all that rain
Can we help from laughing
To despite ourselves
Waiting for Shiva's smile


Eyes that look into you
Those beautiful eyes
Holdin' all that love inside
Despite my constant lies
Western imagination
Somehow materialized
Waiting for Shiva's smile


Riding that old sailboat
Trying to catch the wind
And for a while you're in her arms
And then you're back again
Following the aftertrail
Of the dolphin fins
Waiting for Shiva's smile


On the road to the city of Angeles
You can see them move
Was I here just last year
Was it me an' you
Holding hands singing
Singing all the while

Why do painters sing these songs
Why do builders build
If we had everything
Would we still be filled
And of all the diamonds
Emeralds an' pearls
None will ever shine
Like Shiva's smile


And of all the diamonds
Emeralds an' pearls...


And of all the diamonds
Emeralds an' pearls...


David Munyon: vocal guitars
Beo Brockhausen: swarmandal, piano
Hans-Jörg Maucksch: bass