Dancin' Girl

Appeared on Too Cool

Well she walks into the dressing room
And stares at the chair and table
She's been up all night with her favourite man
He was lean but she forgave him
The landlord wants his money
Her master card is lost
Her make up's getting older
And she's here to punch at the clock

She's a dancin' girl
A dancin' girl
She will change your world
For a dollar bill, Yes, Yes

She was born in California
Where the waves are everywhere
Pressing the lines of nylons torn
She was good to who knows where
Some friend are in Chicago
Some friends in Tampa Bay
She looks so very sexual
She, she don't have much to say

- Chorus -

She'll take you to a vision
Of a love that used to be
She'll shake you to your senses
And you can stand the misery
'Cause honey she is power
And honey she's a saint
And if your out of money
I guess you'll just have to think

- Chorus -

She is here to please
No dreamin' please
She's a dancin' girl
Dance my world
Dancin' girl
Dancin' girl
Yes, yes