Rosas Cantina

Appeared on Purple Cadillacs

Words and music by David Munyon, S.P. Standley


This is a Southwestern kind of song - a Western Southwestern song, from a Texas dream - a dream I had in Texas. I think I wrote it in Nashville. Yeah, I wrote it in Nashville in 1989. Texas is a big area. I you go there make sure you go to Zavalas Café in Mason, Texas. They are open 24 hours.



He was in love with a Texas girl with long raven hair

She was in love at least she said she was

And a love these days was rare

It was a time when every man stayed close to the gun

It was today when one would die,

Thumbs down in the sun



She would dance around the world on the table

Oh and many men would stare

Spend another night at Rosas Cantina

With a girl, and a little bit of danger


Now we drive 18-wheelers on a highway made of stone

And it's rare if you can find a road

With peace to ride alone

Skyscrapers hide the mountains

And prairies paved in dust

Are still just as many, and just as much a must




Bacon fries for the man that works, sun up to sun down

Patience tries an empty fork, and ya can't lay it down

Faces pale and bellys growl, in the belly of the clown

The year is 1990, mostly lost and mostly found




Chant hare Krishna and BE Happy.

All the best, always Davy