The Changes Always Wins

S. P. Standley
David Munyon

Well, l was watching the weather channel

With this weather girl wave-ing her hand
Between the Mississippi' the Arkansas Badlands
An' I dreamed about you Dixie As I chipped away the ice,

from this broken heart I' m alone another night


Ah, . . well she said it's getting warmer

And if you occupy this time right

All the snows will fill the rivers

Just to show you that love and God are nicer

You can't drive to Yahzoo city

Cause someone stole yer gas money

From yer coffee can, Ah yer a lucky cat


AlI the poor dogs in the rain

Even get the crumbs from the MASTERS TABLE

She keeps her crystals, shells and rings

An' if she comes back again

Ah, the changes always win


So, I was lost in the big test question

And my mind drifted to her dresses

An' her New Orleans nylons, an' the lace that was smokey tan

She sail let go to of your poor heart don't ya know

Dovey so loves you You're just a driving man, ah. . . you can take it to the bank


The commander's sitting in the bull pin

With his old glove from 1959

And the cletes that Clete Boyer

Gave him when he was at the old timmers game

AIl the young dudes are gettin' homers

They just retired another rookie

Call in the old man, maybe he can win one again




Well they wouldn't grant you a reason

Just your name sent chills down their spines

Said you were tossed from the rainbow

Maybe a potential subversive next time

So you called with your excuses

Comer called the district Attorney

You're on the run again

Ah. . . the changes always win


words and music by David Munyon and his adorable wife ''Dixie'', S. P. Standley, (c) 2003 Keith Colby Music


. . .I was in a ''Herbal Re-Treat'' one day years ago. .

And this song came about, I have failed so many times as a Christian, as a Hindu,

thoooooough I was hopeful that Lord Jesus Christ

would some day hear this song and forgive me, too

. . .and help me to find His Amazing Grace. . .


David Munyon vocal, guitar
Mike Silver backing vocals
Beo Brockhausen percussion
Hans-Jörg Maucksch bass