Ode to the same mistake

Appeared on Too Cool

You spent a lot of money to hook up this gear
These computers seem to vibe compliance
I've seen one of them smiling to the other one
As if to say he's part of this appliance

And the blues are good to me
And Graylon she's safe in Korea
And the blues ever gonna be
To help us through these hours and days
It's OK, pray

You were born into this world I know why
To prepare these injured souls for gladness
As your love is so beautiful
You are greater than all fears and noises

- Chorus -

Help me now to be what you want me to be
I'm asking for your care and protection
I'm here in this ocean and I wanna be
Loved by anyone who ain't afraid of rejection

- Chorus -

Well I like the way some days are really good
And the bad days get better with some luck
I'm here in this moment of time
Driving this old Chevrolet truck

- Chorus -

It's OK, pray