Painting for you

(David Munyon)


I could be your lover

I could be your friend

I could be your athlete

That always wins

I could be your guest

Eliminate your loneliness

I could be your satire

Help you past your test, again


But for tonight I'm just a mile or two away

Or passing car on a mortal way

And tonight I keep you in my heart

I guess there is no other way to say

How much I love you

To paint how much I love you


We could go to Paris

I know some cafes

We could go to LA

Takin' a movie or a play

We could just watch TV

Maybe there's something on

We could sit in lounges

Wait for the dawn


- Chorus -


You can call me frequently

I got a borrowed phone

You could tell me stories

Some of your own

You could wear the negligée

And my favourite perfume

We could just hold each others hands

Playin' in each others moods


- Chorus -


How much I love you



David Munyon: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Bryan Edery: Electric Piano

Mick Hutchings: Guitar

Tony Ardin: Flute

Andy Hodge: Bass

Nigel Appleton: Drums, Percussion