Heavenly Angels

Appeared on Too Cool

Mamma I know I'm a guitar man
Mamma you know I'm a travellin' soul
Take me on there if you ever want
You are my one and my only one

I saw blue chandeliers and a stained glass cloud
And a thousand dollar bed that slept so good
And a purple will feather so soft
And love undescribable and heavenly, heavenly
angels, angels, angels

Papa I said some terrible things
Papa I regret a couple of things
I met a man on a freeway once
He was pusing a cart and dragging a trunk

- Chorus -

Brother I called and you were there
Brother my brother your seemed to care
All of this karma erased by grace
I guess I still owe you for that Chevrolet

- Chorus -

Angels, Angels, Angels

Sister my sister I love you still
All of these nights and all of these hills
My love for you will never retire
Honey you know you light my fire

- Chorus -

Angels, Angels, Angels, Angels
Angels, Angels, Angels, Angels