Maybe over the Border

Appeared on Code Name: Jumper

(David Munyon / S.P. Standley)


I closed the door on a Hong Kong man

Made his living selling heroin

"check you cactus" "It don't need no water"

"TV...said it was quite a slaughter..."


Slam the hood down on the Plymouth Roadrunner

Put the cigar out..."I don't like the smell or the flavor"

...check the mirror...did you check the radiator...?"

"where we goin'...?" "Maybe over the Border"


I caught a plane out of Cincinatti

He was a third generation pimp...kinda pretty

He kinda laughed and he asked for a favor

I put a 9 millimeter in his ear... "see ya' later"


- Chorus -


Are you really wanted is to be somebody

They took the kindness from your eyes

That's the odds, how you like 'em?

Twenty years on the highway runnin'

Trunk full of guns, no love and no woman


I walked into a bar in Miami

There's a Cocaine Czar... "he's makin' lots of, lots of money..."

Check the safety on both your Uzi's

Thirty seconds later... "he's kinda gooey..."


- Chorus -


David Munyon: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Warren Haynes: Electric Guitar

Craig Krampf: Drums

Dave Pomeroy: Fretless, Electric Bass