(David Munyon / Don Devaney / John Scott Sherrill)


This song was written at a writing session in Nashville with the very great songwriters Don Devaney and John Scott Sherrill, Don had the title „Serious Love“ and we had a word of prayer to write a good song for our fans, and I chipped in with the guitar riff thing, and some of the hook... John Scott Sherrill and Don Devaney wrote most of it, though I wrote some of it... Rick Travino released it on his CD titled Learning as you go on Columbia Records, we try for a more Blues type rendition here.



Back in Louisiana there's a girl I know

She knows the way to the crawdad hole

I remember wild kisses that would drive me insane

She must of had swamp water in her veins

And when I see her again, I ain't ever never gonna let her go


I'm going back to Louisiana boys if you don't mind

I'm gonna find the true lover that I left behind

And when I do I'm gonna ask her if she'll be mine

And when she says yes, I'm gonna hold her tight

Then we'll make love in the pale moonlight

Finally things are gonna be alright

When I go back to Louisiana lip he gone along, long time


Serious Love

In Louisiana

Yes it was, serious love


Back in Louisiana she's the queen of the bay

Some Cajun boys gonna steel her away

I don't wanna be away from her one day more

She's gonna see me runnin' up to her front door

I'm going back to Louisiana, I just hope I ain't too late


David Munyon: vocal, guitar

Chris Jones: guitar

Steve Baker: blues harmonica

Hans-Jörg Maucksch: bass