Too Cool

Appeared on Too Cool

Well you do your thing all day long, you stay out in Las Vegas
You seem to have the sweetest heart without your average baggage
You drive a 76 Cadillac and you live out of the trunk
You shave your face in a plastic bowl and your eyes are just like jewels

Your cool, too cool
Your cool, too cool
Your cool, too cool

Well you went to work at 17 playing bars and old garages
You played all night on a fender amp, some one said someone said they gave you
Your spirit seems to say it all, you gave away your coins
To a preacher man to help with souls, now you say your born, reborn

Your cool, too cool
Your cool, cool, too cool

You hooked up with a power higher than anything you'd ever smoked
It's clean and good for every hour and now you have some hope
Your Mama she is proud of you and your Papa's getting old
Now you play all night and it feels like the money soon will follow
Then gold, don't you know

Your cool, too cool
Your cool, too cool