Everyday American Hero

Appeared on Code Name: Jumper

There's this guy surf fishing, not so very tall

In fact from a distance he looks kinda small

Everything's calm, the only thing getting caught is

His brand new Reeboks in the sand

And there's this girl with a surfboard from Dearborn, Michigan

Riding the waves of the summer morning

What do you know she gets a hook in her suit

And the short guy does what he can


He's just an everyday American Hero

Just like Uncle Harry and your Uncle Joe

He don't have all the answers and some he don't know

But he does the best he can

An everyday American Hero


Now there's this Hebrew teenager from your favorite town

He likes to study the Torah and kinda hang out

With all of his friends they like to dress all the same

Acting kinda natural in a natural way

He's a real big fan of old Abraham

He says if Abraham can I know I can

He meets up with a Baptist, a Catholic, and a Prince

And together through the years they continue to convince


- Chorus -


And there's this old italian sailor who sailed the Seven Seas

Retires from the Navy and takes out a lease

On a diner in the city, he's open seven nights

The business is good and everything is alright

He noticed in the news about some senior citizens

Can't hardly come up with enough to pay the rent

So once or twice a week he lends a helping hand

Eat all wou want

Pay what you can


- Chorus -


David Munyon: Vocals, Guitar