Hey Benny

Appeared on Code Name: Jumper

Video im Live Video Bereich

(David Munyon / S.P. Standley)

Hey Benny, remember the night we borrowed your old man's Chevy?
And drove so fast, as fast as we could, into the orange grove by the woods
We thought the night would always last but then we ran out of gas
We laughed so hard that we both cried, man o' man was you daddy-o surprised
Hey Benny

Hey Benny, remember when we were drafted into the Navy?
They shaved our heads and made us thin
I watched you grow into a man
We walked a while along the path and you said you weren't going back
But honor has a way at night of calling heros back into the fight
Hey Benny

I've not seen you in many years, though ofter I have thought
This generation isn't what we used to talk
If you should hear from Domino or Lazy Greg (Dave) or even Joe
Please call or write, day or night, it's alright, it's alright

Hey Benny, I'm living here in Houston by a highway
I got a job, it's not too bad
I'm married now, my life is good
We watch a lot of HBO
I finally burned my radio
Whoever figured John would die
I wish the Beatles had gave it one more try

- Chorus -

David Munyon: Vocal, Guitar
Leland Sklar: Bass Guitar (Admiral Coasting Guard)
1st Lt. Matt Rollings: Keyboard, Vibes, Team Leader
Gen. Billy Joe Walker Jr.: Acoustic Guitar
Paul Leim: Drums with Rhymes
Al Perkins: Dobro
Sneaky Pete: „Terminator's Joy": Pedal Steel Guitar
Terry Mac Millan: Percussions