Maureen O'Hara


(David Munyon / S.P. Standley)


Well it's got me worried

It's got me uptight

Something is burning

Caught fire tonight

I was a man of frustration

You came along undeneved

It's been worth the waiting

I got the last piece of pie


Have mercy on me Lord I've fallen in love

Oh no it's not something that I'm dreaming of

My Maureen O'Hara, my sweet turtle dove

Have mercy on me Lord I've fallen in love


When you're thinking it's over and you watch time tick by

And you wish you could come back and give it

One more long last try

You gotta dig to the bottom to find the surprise

I won me a moonbeam

With stars in her eyes


I remember last christmas

Snow fell through the roof

We had nothing but corn flakes

And me and you

Hang on to your honey

And she'll hang on to you

Jump under the covers

Before we both turn blue


David Munyon: vocal, guitar

Chris Jones: guitar

Steve Baker: blues harmonica

Hans-Jörg Maucksch: bass