Just the waters rushing

Appeared on Code Name: Jumper

(David Munyon / S.P. Standley)

Little Bob Johnny comin' home from another hard day at school
from listenin' to what he don't wanna really listen to...
puttin' up with the bullies, especially the nasty ones
wonderin' why they spend so much money on the educational system

That's just the waters rushing
That's just the way it goes sometimes
That's just the waters rushing
When you finally make it to the beach
Love will be just within a friendly reach

Two peas in a pod, they were just like Tom and Huckleberry
They used to play volleyball and talk about the girls in Playboy
One of 'em came home late, he just wanted to be with a friend
His mama beat 'em 'til the blood came from the little boys eyes, an' now he's dead

- Chorus -

Too many movie scenes with a Cagney an' his grapefruit
rubs it in a girls face breaks another girls heart then runs away
At the ISKCON Temple is a guy, once had a razor in his eye
is all full of love and so happy he can't hardly hold it in.

- Chorus -

Another door slams, it was just the grandkids leaving
„You ain't dead yet and I wonder when all of Grandpa's money's comin' in"
„The guy in the next bed's hip got broke he don't get around much anymore"
Then what was he doing still trying to make it up

- Chorus -

David Munyon: Vocal, Guitar
Matt Rollings: Electric Piano
Leland Sklar: Electric Bass
Billy Joe Walker Jr.: Acoustic Gibson
Paul Leim: Drums
Sneaky Pete: Pedal Steel Guitar