Men with no Friends


Song for the homeless of the world an' a few crazy memories and dreams


(David Munyon / S.P. Standley / Thomas Poling)


Thomas Poling is my dear friend and we were talking one day about how to help the homeless people, why they were homeless, probably because they got their feelings hurt, one too many times... and as we should all of us, everyone try our best to help the homeless people of This Planet, in whatever City or Country that they live in.



They're the men who sweat when they gamble

While the coffee an' smoke stain their soul

Keeping Nike's just inside dirty waistcoats

Keeping love in a rusty old hole

Broken dream deafly backing a looser

Never thinking why looser won't win

They're the heroes who went so unnoticed

That the efforts went out with the wind


Near the road that flows to Atlanta

On the Bench where memories all end

To the trails back and forth from the Bowery

March the hearts an' the men with no friends


Wearing scars like medals from a battle

Fading tattoos smeared on old skin

Lucky Strikes is all luck have left them

Photographs of young wives left for gin

They don't cry but their face is always cryin'

Ah, the nights get warm around dawn

That's their battle cry in the distance

Some say that they're JUST PRAISE-IN GOD


David Munyon: vocal, guitar

Chris Jones: guitar

Martin Huch: dobro

Thomas Klippel: hammond b3

Hans-Jörg Maucksch: bass