Me and this old suitcase

Appeared on Code Name: Jumper

(David Munyon / S.P. Standley)


This song is dedicated to all the hoboes on earth and is especially dedicated to Rev. John Hartford („That Riverboatman") and Roger Miller - „got me started."


I grip the handle of the suitcase that carried me through Canada
in snows that seemed forever and cold that me shiver
This suitcase that was given to a Hobo from Paducah
I aquired in a card game when I drew the king of clubs


An' me and this old suitcase
have run to catch a slow freight
and we've stood in ankle-deep rain
while Angels cried to God
And me an' this old suitcase
have seen a sunny morning and sat and smiled at strangers
while sippin' morning mud


Yes, me an' this old suitcase, in No-Shoes, Louisiana
were pestered by Hiram Davis, the Deputy High Sheriff
when all my gold and silver and pictures of my loved ones
were dumped out on a sidewalk for something he called fun


- Chorus -


It stayed five years in storage
in the back room of a cafe
while me and my married lady played house and tried to love
but, me an' that old suitcase both heard the highway whisper
an' I guess the screen's still busted
where she tried to hold my arm


They buried me in Dothan
Dothan, Alabama when the only ones who prayed there were Jesse an' Old Butch
When I got to Purgatory, some one said, „Keep going...
Your suitcase and St. Peter are waiting with a touch"


And, me and this old suitcase, who run to catch a slow freight
and who've stood in ankle-deep rain...
while Angels cried to God
Me and this old suitcase, we join the rolling thunder...
and we walk among the sinners saved by love
Me and this old suitcase, „I guess we're saved by love"


David Munyon: Vocal, Guitar
Matt Rollings: Keyboard
Billy Joe Walker Jr.: Acoustic Guitar
Paul Leim: Drums
Leland Sklar: Bass -"The Coastal Guardian"