Appeared on Purple Cadillacs

Words and Music by David Munyon, S.P. Standley


Most of my family, The Munyons, are from Kansas. It's a great place. They do not have any alcohol there as it is a "dry state". I think they have bars, but I don't know as I haven't been there since 1957. It's an alright place. Every place is alright, if you have someone that loves you.



Gladys left Milwaukee, a girl of just fifteen

Travelled in a wagon just like Grandma in '03 (1903)

She loved to read the bible, she loved Jesus Christ

Her car was a Desoto, her hair was just like midnight



In Kansas, where the buffalos roam

Kansas, where Jay Hawkers score

Where amber waves of grain

Still sing praises to our Lord

Should'a been the home of ol' Henry Ford

Reasons for temperate souls

Seasons and lifetimes of hope, In Kansas



Garner was a farmer just like his old dad

Fought in World War 2, I guess against Japan

Helped in Iwo Jima and the Philippines

Douglas Mac Arthur was his best friend


From Kansas



Lola was the daughter of Amer and his wife

Sena, was from the "Kansa" Indian tribe

Harold was Moms brother, joined the Navy reserve

Grandpa preached for forty years in the church


In Kansas