Slim Possibilities

Appeared on Slim Possibilities


(David Munyon/S.P. Standley/Jim Fuller)


We wrote this song, Jim Fuller an' me in the room we were staying at in Brentwood, Tennessee. The song is about a time in our personal life where „Z-Man“ and „Sierra“ came into the tribe and Jasmine and Amber and Emily seemed all grown up. There would be no possibility of this love to ever end.


Born in a dream in Topanga Canyon

smog was so thick we were breathing bricks

moved with the crew into a crowded den

of foxes and lawyers and movie men

she would not use profanity

she was kind and pretty as a princess

Jasmin is questioned „if she likes Jazz“...

A slim possibility


Boggy flies to New York

women with faces, that would melt your suit

mirco calls in the subway

just discussing the magnetic flux

his accountants can't resist the visit

they absolutely guarntee

can someone save the Daily News

A slim possibility


Uncle Jerry lives on the river

likes to cook that gourmet food

hides the faxes and the stocks and bonds

don't ever call, we don't know why

„Sign the papers and we'll make you rich“

drives the same old restored Porsche

reporters as him if disco's back

A slim possibility


China calls from her hideaway

„Have you seen Jasmine, she is a babe

China don't cross that double yellow

„Let's go inside, let someone drive“

temporary history

left like Columbus for the same reason

will she be visiting Phoenix City

A slim possibility


This is his talent be sympathetic

she's ill tempered but imaginatice

need you ecstatic like you were before

with „swifty“ and „substance“ and some support

he seems to be into the supernatural

has his cereal materialized

„Can someone reason with our circus star“

A slim possibility


David Munyon: vocal, guitar

Chris Jones: guitars