Appeared on Purple Cadillacs

Words and music by David Munyon


The day I saw these female forms at the Hare Krishna temple in London, which was built by George Harrison. As for Radha - I just love her - she is most beautiful and quite powerful. In all the Hare Krishna temples there are deities of Radha. I don't know too much about it all, I just love her. Really, I do. Seriously.



If I was a sailing man, I would sail my boat away

If I was a walking man, I would run to you

If I was a perfect man, I wouldn't need this song to say

Words and rhymes to cover up

All my imperfect ways


If I was a painting now

Colorful and very nice

And if I had a silver frame

And it looked okay to you

If I was a photograph

Of a lonely guy on a street

Looking for you everywhere

Crying from this heart, so blue



You're beautiful beyond compare

You're everything I want in Love

I can not hide my heart from You

I wouldn't even dare

How can I even be with you

Pouring out this heart, this fool

I will die without your love, radha rescue me


I could build a temple gold, talk about devoted minds

I could walk in solitude, just to mend whatever was

I could sing a thousand songs,

And offer you flowers rich

But, just to hold your hand a while

And believe again in your bliss




P.S. I love you