Fabreeze the Cavalier

Appeared on Too Cool

Huntley I tell you it's globally warming
And I need an hour of air conditioning
Drove out here to tell you
There might be a war
But you know we're to old for enlisting
I gave away some money to a homeless person
He seemed to be on his way back
He said „I really thank you man
You know I once fell in love
But she said I wasn't what she wanted"

So I wait, look at TV and dream till I astral project
So I call, love's almost new
Yes, I'm Fabreeze the Cavalier
Yes, I'm Fabreeze the Cavalier

Born in a twister in the central plains
And I laughed at life like on vacation
Once the years rolled by kept on keepin' on
But you know a soul gets tired of vacations
So I got God's phone number, he seemed to sense my need
He said it's easier than I thought
He said sit down here, turned to me
We can go on to the Hard Rock

- Chorus -

I wanna make a movie, make people laugh
Well I hope she's doing well in Miami

- Chorus -