Desperate for a Friend

Song for the Dying of Aids


(David Munyon / S.P. Standley / Reinhard Holstein)


In the early morning hours

In a city in Wisconsin

Lay the dying, slowly dying, fragile men...

With hollow eyes

Here's the one, who as a child,

Loved a doll more than an engine

Wore the blouse his mother gave hime

After daddy beat him wild


Light a candle for these travellers

For their journey that is fading

Say a prayer

For all the suffering to end

Life is like a muddy river

Crying out for fresher rain

Life is silent,

When you're desperate for a friend


So I'm crying as I write this

We all love our hidden sex

It is morning now in LA

The busy city is in ruin

Here's the actor,

Who at times was as sleek as Greta Garbor

Lying naked in a hospice

Because the blankets hurt his skin


- Chorus -


"Now for brunch, we'll have our juices"

"And some Jello... if we're good"

This poor junkie with her lessons

And her reasons not to dream

Hides the mirror that someone gave her

When she was so beautiful

Hides the memory of that evening,

And the stranger and her grin


- Chorus -


There is passion on the East Coast

In the front seat of a Volvo

It is Prom Night, once again,

In New Jersey, near the shore

To the sounds of "Pretty Woman"...

Heavy petting and despair

It's too late, the partys over...

Silent murder in the air


- Chorus -