Hendrike's Ford Fiesta

Appeared on Purple Cadillacs

Words and music by David Munyon


This is a song I wrote one night in the kitchen of Sebastian Linke's home. It is a combination of thoughts about two ladies I know named "Hendrike". Both seem very powerful to me. One drives a Ford Fiesta, and I admire them both.



She was like a bowl of roses

She stood strong and feminine

Said she hich-hiked once to Paris

Just to see the river Seine

She was young and wouldn't say

All the plans she planned

She could have flown to India

She stopped in to say she was a fan



Souls come and go

And love is never wasted

Gold looks like silver

If you shine a purple light

Tears fall like rain

If hurt is caused by anger

She is like god

And I'm still a stranger


My guitar has some scars

It's been good these years to me

Said she made the midnight stars

Still her eyes still burn in me

Words will say a lot of things

Said she judged my heart

Said I was a decent guy

She drove off in her car




This song is for Hendrike.