St. Charlie's Phone Call

Appeared on Slim Possibilities


(David Munyon/S.P. Standley)

For my friend Charlie Sykes.


He said, I'll pay you back when I get up

the ex-wives have been crackin' their whips

I've been living in this mobile home

in Massachusetts

we've been through some different grooves

and some scattered thunderstorms

high near 50... mostly cloudy

I kept your old Billy beers ans your golf clubs

and your hat

a couple friends from time to time ask me,

where the heck you're at...

I tried a year at IBM, wingtips, shirt and tie...

got canned for being fired-up,

someone said there was something

crazy wrong with my eyes

And, tonight I'm still

the same old overgrown flower child you knew

stroking these old souvenirs

and wading in these blues

I guess the Dallas motorcade

an' napalm did me in

I didn't find no answers man,

just questions in the wind

just questions in the wind


I said, don't worry about the money

I'm a DJ on top in Lubbock

I married the Home-Ec. Queen,

and she runs just like a new Buick

we got through the 60's man

well, I still love the Doobie Brothers

flying saucers, I think I saw one

I quit drinking years ago

well, it almost ruined my marriage

got a house with a big garage

and your old rusty car

we drove to Cooperstown...

Babe Ruth an' Dixie Howell

I still work on that old truck

I wouldn't sell it for all the memories

in this world, in this old world


David Munyon: vocal, guitar