Riding around the World

Appeared on Purple Cadillacs

Words and Music: David Munyon


A western song from the viewpoint of a saloon pianist and storyteller.



I am a singer, in this saloon

I play piano, and I sing these tunes

I saw Cole Younger and Billy the Kid

I've watched men dying, and I've seen some live



Get along all you fair-headed ladies

Get along you western girls

At the mercy saloon I'll be waiting

I am riding around the world


I was a cowboy, riding the range

I've lived before and I'll live again

Here is my pony. He's faster than fate

His name is Jewel

I ride through this rain




I was a gunner in that civil war

I used to work at Thomas & Sons store

I got shot at Vicksburg, my how I bled

They sent me home, they said I was dead