Earl's Song

Appeared on Code Name: Jumper

(David Munyon / S.P. Standley / Sara Haithcock-Givens)


I see the hometown boys are mostly still the same only older

That is except for Earl there's some things he ain't quite over

Someone wrote and asked me if I ever crossed his way

Could I have to talk with Earl again some day

I said, "Someday..."


We talked about the old days, the friends and all the brothers

The Ones that came back home and the One that never will

And Earl says he remembers when he finally found his manhood

At a place some people called Hamburger Hill, "Hamburger Hill"


And he's leaning on the lamppost waiting for the winter freeze

And his feet are cold so he grabs ahold of that bottle in his sleeve

He's been down and out and under, he's been up on the top of the world

All the way, airborne, all the way

All the way back home home to Cam Ranh Bay


And he sleeps within the reach of rolling water

Awakens to a view he calls his very own

Where bits of wood and tack and plastic "this and that"

Kinda lean into a home

Sometimes a man just needs to be alone, sometimes ya' gotta be alone


We said goodbye and I watched him as he slowly made his way

On towards the house he was raised in as a kid, as a kid

and I lost his silhouette there, where Shelby meets the river

that runs so deep a man might even jump, might even live


- Chorus -


David Munyon: Vocal, Guitar

Craig Krampf: Drums with Ranger Vibe

Dave Pomeroy: Special Forces Bass (Fretless)