Still got a G.T.O.

(David Munyon / S.P. Standley)


In Biloxi, Mississippi

On a street called Waterloo

At a Roadhouse where the highway

Does a number there with 42

On a chase there for some love there

On a humid afternoon

She's delighted... he's a quitter

Probably never will deliver,

And she leaves him with his Rock n'Roll tunes


He's still got a G.T.O.

And he still loves to drive that road

Still got a G.T.O.

Mighty good... Kinda gold G.T.O.


On the Blue Team, in Virginia

Another routine manouver

On a weekend with per-diem

A lot of work for a democracy

There's the Gov'ner from Assembly

Reciting good poems from memory

And all of his money, in his money jar

He traded for one muscle car


- Chorus -


In Malibu, California

There's a surfer, ... you remember

Used to ride with The Big Kahoona


with "The Robin" and "Finesse"

They used to call him "Super-Hooter"

We used to rock there to "Wooly Bully"

On the beach, you can see him

He's the one they call The Old Man

Check out the girls in the car


- Chorus -