Jumper's Tune

Appeared on Acrylic Teepees

Vishnu's dreaming

Vishnu's dreaming

Vishnu's dreaming

On a Huey roll... in a thunderstorm...

We were facing war on another shore

To all the guys that died... there in Panama

In the T.V. War

Just what were we looking for...

What were we looking for


Hallelujah, John Lennon didn't die

He's alive and well and rockin' New Jerusalem

Hallelujah, no one could really tell

On the Rock again... Central America


There's a guy I know from Oregon

He's a good man and his name is Dan

Drives a 1970 Corvette Stingray

Loves those Creedence tunes and a full moon


- Chorus -


There's a song about a wishing well

Where a man fell all the way to hell...

And The Angels cry from above... "not again"

... and the hounds rub...

When the hills melt down from overkill

An' the dragon falls from the sword of Good

When the hate fails... for the final time

Then the martyrs cry... turns into Holy Wine


- Chorus -