Lost One, this is Lost Three, are you lost too?

Appeared on Code Name: Jumper

(David Munyon / S.P. Standley)

I found myself behind a Denny's in Orlando
Drinking beer and taler chips by the two's
One look at my eyeballs could tell you
There ain't a heck of a lot better things to do

And if you see me walking and I trip on the curb
Just blame it on an earthquake and old mother earth
If I fall off my horse, if my dreams burn down
I'll still be a Vietnam Era Veteran proud

I joined up to free some folks in Indonesia
Like my Daddy did before in his war
I spent night after night saving people's lives
and came home to sweep floors in a store

You've no idea how it can find you
i the morning just before the dawn
like the 4th of July tracers race through the sky
and screaming don't help ya when you gotta push on

I saw a kid that looked Oriental
in a dream I had just last night
He walked up and kissed me and said „Thanks GI"
I slept like a baby the rest of my life