Neat Shoes


(David Munyon / S.P. Standley)


… a song spiritually blessed by God, preparing all of us for the beloved arrivals of all of our children in our families, Zeth and Jazz and Nate, and Bastian and Jonatan, and Callie Grace and Robyn Lewis, and Madelene and A.J. and Alex and Mary and Natalie, and Sierra and Sierra's Sister, Sara and Carl's children and Roxanne and her new Child... and All The Children at Christian Children's Fund and Full Gospel Native Missionary... as sometimes... God will give us all Children ...when all we ask for is money, and to be sure... Our Same Father of Light provides for us all ...everyone of us, with His Bounty and Grace ...this is what I've learned, up to this point in my life … „a bit of Faith and a bit of Work“, each day and everything is possible... Life is full of JOY, and there is always „Child Joy in the Morning“ from John Steinbecks's book „The Grapes of Wrath“...



A young girl in her daddy's arms, first time in the mall

Interrupted by the sights all so new

Where are all the people going what are they looking for

Mama buys her darling a pretty pair of shoes


And what neat shoes these are, for a daughter who's a star

In her parents eyes not any shoes would do

An' what neat shoes these are driving back home in the car


„Oh daddy what neat shoes these are“


A corsage on a strapless gown is a sort of a wonderment

To a teenage boy an' chaperoning parents

Blushing rather holdly glancing around the room

„Oh chester what neat shoes these are“


And what neat shoes these are for a prom queen high school star

In her boyfriends eyes and her daddy's close ones too

And what neat shoes they are driving back home in the car

„Thank you papa, for these neat shoes“


Firefly's at a picnic, another bar-b-q

23years later house wife blues

The doorbell is ringing it's probably Phyllis an' them

What neat shoes, Phyllis quietly mentions


What neat shoes these are

for a friend who's like a star, of every social outing

On this suburban avenue

„What neat shoes these are“

„Can I borrow them and your car?“

„Oh Lois what neat shoes these are“


On the trip home to heaven, angels lead the way

Stopping off at the store to fit her wings

A gown of white, a crown with jewels

And miles an' miles of clouds

„What neat shoes“ sings a heavenly crowd


What neat shoes these are

For a soul who's made it this far

They won't ever wear out, they won't ever sing no blues


What neat shoes these are

Ain't no need now for no car

Walk around heaven, in your neat shoes

Walk around heaven in these neat shoes

Walk around heaven in my neat shoes


David Munyon: vocal, guitar

Chris Jones: 12-string guitar

Beo Brockhausen: accordion

Hans-Jörg Maucksch: bass