Norwegian Blue Mysterious Ocean


(David Munyon / S.P. Standley)

A song for sailors and those who sail...and those who love the Sea


Ah, you grew up, seeing whale-ships

Set sail before the sun-up

Men anxious to provide a way for daughters and sons and pups

An' wives so blonde and diligent

Not shedding any tears

They've been sayin' „I love ya Stollie Boy“,

Goodbye for many years, many years


And, ya' grew up in pubs at night

Where rowdy sailors roar

An' you lost ya'several winters there on John Barleycorn

But she caress's your neck, an' kisses your lips

And takes off your weathered coat


Norwegian love, Norwegian true

Mysterious ocean, Norwegian blue


One dreadful night a forest owl

Relayed the awful news

The right to swim had ricocheted

Four whale-ing men were doomed

The one they called „Ol' Ahab's son“

Returned the sting of steel

And widows cried on that very day

And sleep alone, still


Now she looks out on the North Sea

Near the coast, near Stavanger

And wonders of her whale-ing man

Will ever re-appear

The afghan singers play at night

Oh so far from their home

She spends her days on magazines and opium

Her nights are so very cold


Norwegian love, Norwegian true

Mysterious ocean, Norwegian blue


David Munyon: vocal, guitar

Chris Jones: guitar

Mike Silver: backing vocals

Beo Brockhausen: percussion, accordion

Hans-Jörg Maucksch: bass