Stealer of Hearts

(David Munyon / S.P. Standley)


I asked Neil Diamond said, "Neil, if you rock do you have to roll?"

Neil said, "Better ask Dennis St. John and for pity's sake don't ask Joe"

I walked to the beach on a rainy day, in the summer it don't rain much

I left my heart to "The Bleeding Soul" and I caught a crosstown bus


Stealer of Hearts, little Hare Krishna boy

Run away with me, an' all this joy

Stealer of Hearts, little Hare Krishna boy

Hang on to me, hang to me


I ran down the street to a place where a Hindu-Christian-Jew

Serves tea on golden plates and raisins too

He talked about life and a proper plan for happiness and wealth

But I was in the bank at a secret vault

Not even happy to have my health


- Chorus -


I asked too much and I gotta give more 'cause the more I give I get

An' I don't want much just to sing my song with a minimum amount of risk

I like what I see when I finally get home to my one of many rooms

There's a chandelier with a broken mirror and seven writers in brooding moods


David Munyon: Vocals, C.F. Martin Shenandoah Guitar

Anthony Crawford: Electric Guitar, Jack Clement's Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals

Dony Wynn: Snare Drum, Drums

Dave Pomeroy: Fretless Bass